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CUTIS held a training workshop on investment facilitation negotiations

CUTIS project conducted a two-day training workshop on investment facilitation negotiations in Kyiv on 26-27 November 2019.

The workshop was organized for trade and investment officials from the Ministry of Economic Development,Trade and Agriculture (MEDTA), Ukraine Investment Promotion Office (UkraineInvest) and other government agencies involving in investment review, approval and facilitation processes.

The key objective of the workshop is to support the Ukrainian government in preparing for investment facilitation negotiations under the WTO and other trade negotiating fora. Ukraine is actively negotiating free trade agreements with other countries (including Canada) which may include investment facilitation and other investment-related matters. As a result, it is important that Ukrainian trade negotiators and other stakeholders be prepared for investment facilitation negotiations.

Keynote speaker:

  • Wenguo Cai, Director, International Programs, CBoC
  • Oleksandra Brovko, Senior Trade and Investment Policy Expert, CUTIS

The workshop provided the background context on investment facilitation at the WTO and the background context on international investment agreements, including the historical developments and traditional treaty approaches to promoting foreign investment.

Elisabeth Tuerk, Chief, International Investment Agreements Section, UNCTAD presented the UNCTAD’s global action menu for investment facilitation.

Two CUTIS trade experts from Ottawa and Kyiv made presentations on some specific investment facilitation measures for potential inclusion in a multilateral investment facilitation agreement. A total of 10 investment facilitation measures were presented and discussed during the two-day workshop.

Finally, the workshop conducted a group activity and a plenary discussion, assessing Ukraine’s readiness for negotiating the investment facilitation agreement, and for implementing those investment facilitation measures.

Canadian company plans to invest $1,1 billion into a mining project in Krivyi Rih

Canadian company Black Iron is ready to invest $ 1.1 billion into the iron ore career near Kryviy Rih.

The result of a meeting between Canadian investors and the city authorities of Kryvy Rih are reported by “Pershiy Diloviy”.

According to the publication, this project could become the largest industrial investment in Ukraine over the last five years.

Black Iron plans to build a career in mining iron ore and processing plant on 112 hectares of Shimanovsky deposit near the Rudnikove village.

“According to the project, construction will be carried out by Ukrainian companies, but under the guidance of Canadian specialists. The development will be carried out in accordance with high standards and state-of-the-art technologies. The total of four companies in the world are built according to such standards,” – the message goes.

The issue of the allocation of a land area for the project, which is currently owned by the Ministry of Defense, remains unresolved. A Canadian company is ready to acquire a new similar area of land for Ukrainian military personnel and equip a similar proving ground for all NATO standards there.