SheChampion: women entrepreneurs from Ivano-Frankivsk region discussed barriers in business and trade

Women entrepreneurship is often faced visible and/or invisible barriers. They may be related to external factors such as business development or entrance the international markets as well as internal barriers, for example, gender stereotypes in Ukrainian society.

To overcome these barriers and create a space for communication and knowledge sharing, a series of #SheChampion seminars is being organized by the CUTIS project in cooperation with regional chambers of commerce and industry.

The first meeting, held on April 11 in Ivano-Frankivsk, united more than 40 businesswomen, public organization representatives, and local authorities.

During the meeting, Vira Porovska, a gender expert of the CUTIS project presented a gender-based analysis of export barriers for small and medium-sized women businesses in 5 industries (apparel, footwear, confectionary, furniture, and IT services). Ms. Porovska also paid attention to those spheres where the number of women entrepreneurs is negligible.

Yevhen Sozansky, partner of Xtheta Management, an official partner of the Shopify platform, made an overview of international e-commerce and presented the platform’s capabilities for small business development.

Ostap Pavliuk, owner of West Trade Group (medicinal plants) shared his own experience in developing exports to new challenging markets.

Similar events are planned in other regions of Ukraine. Next seminar will be in Chernigiv. Do not miss your chance!