CUTIS project held a services export promotion workshop

Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support (CUTIS) project, executed by the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) and the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce (CUCC), in collaboration with Trade Facilitation Office of Canada (TFO Canada), and the Global Links Network (GLN) held a 2-day services export promotion workshop.

The main goal was to support the development of an enabling services export environment in Ukraine, as well as enhance the understanding and export readiness of Ukrainian services providers, particularly with the view to improving services export success to Canada.

The event was organized for Government officials from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) and the Export Promotion Office (EPO), responsible for trade policy development and export promotion, trainers from various Chambers of Commerce in the regions, and selected representatives from service sector associations and companies.

Keynote speakers:

  • Wenguo Cai, Director, International Programs, The Conference Board of Canada
  • Michelle Hustler, Senior Associate, Global Links Network Inc
  • Oleksandra Brovko, Senior Trade and Investment Policy Expert, CUTIS

During the event, participants overviewed the issues related to trade in services, as well as best practices and guidance in the development of an enabling services-related trading environment that will allow service providers to thrive. The workshop concluded a range of roundtable discussions to allow the exchange of ideas, challenges and potential solutions to improve Ukraine’s services export competitiveness.

During the workshop, the following issues were discussed:

  • What has led to success in the IT sector in Ukraine?
  • How can this success be translated into other services sectors?
  • What reforms are required to strengthen the competitiveness of Ukraine’s services sectors?
  • How should government agencies and business associations promote trade in services?
  • What work has been done to measure Ukraine’s brand perception in major markets (such as in foreign ICT-related industries), and are strategies to be developed to enhance this?
  • What foreign partnerships does Ukraine have in place to encourage bilateral trade in services relationships?
  • How can Ukraine’s services dialogue be improved in the future?

As a result, participants got a better understanding of the needs, opportunities, and challenges related to exporting services to Canada. 

You can download the presentation following the link

The Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support (CUTIS) Project is a 5-year (2016-2021) Canadian development assistance initiative designed to lower poverty in Ukraine through increasing exports from Ukraine to Canada and investment from Canada to Ukraine. The project funded by the Canadian Government through the Global Affairs Canada and implemented by the Conference Board of Canada in partnership with the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce.

The CUTIS project implements U CAN EXPORT Support Program in five priority sectors: clothing, footwear, furniture, confectionery, and IT services.