Why the Canadian organic market is interesting for Ukrainian companies and how to get organic certification (video)

Canada is one of the world leaders in the consumption of organic products: an average Canadian spends about CAD 150 a month for organics. The Canadian organic food market is the fifth largest in the world (about CAD 5.4 billion).

Zoya Pavlenko, CUTIS environmental expert talks about the Canadian organic market and how to certify organic products according to Canadian standards.

Why is the Canadian organic market promising for Ukrainian exporters?

  1. Canada’s organic goods market is more than $5 billion.
  2. 60% of Canadians say they are ready to buy products that are made without risks to the environment
  3. 25% of consumers are willing to pay more for organic products

Regarding the regulation of the Canadian organic market, it is significantly different from the Ukrainian and European markets. Canada has its own national organic standards (Canada Organic Regulations) adopted in 2009.

More detailed production requirements and a list of permitted substances are contained in CAN/CGSB 32.310-2015 standards – Organic Production Systems – General Principles and Standards of Management, and CAN/CGSB 32.311-2015 – Organic Production Systems – List of Permitted Substances.

At the beginning of 2018, Organic Standard became the only entity in Ukraine entitled to certify manufacturers for exports to Canada.

Organic certification is a voluntary procedure. If manufacturers call their products organic, however, they are required to get certified. Otherwise, financial sanctions for unfair competition cannot be avoided.