Canadian household spending in 2017 – infographics

Canada’s national statistical agency (Statistics Canada) has prepared a detailed report on Canadian household spending in 2017. The CUTIS project selected the most interesting figures and facts. We hope this information will help Ukrainian businesses more effectively assess opportunities in the Canadian market.

In 2017, the average Canadian household spent $63,723 on goods and services, up 2.5% from 2016. Spending varied across provinces, and was highest in Alberta ($72,957) and British Columbia ($71,001), in part due to higher expenditures on shelter in these provinces. For instance, households in British Columbia spent an average of $21,844 on shelter, while those in Alberta spent $21,068.

Households in New Brunswick spent the least on goods and services, averaging $52,608 in 2017. They also spent the least on shelter compared with households in other provinces at $12,692.

Shelter remained the largest budget item for households in 2017, at 29.2% of their total consumption of goods and services. Spending on transportation, the second-largest expenditure category, accounted for 19.9% of total consumption, followed by food expenditures at 13.4%.

Households spent an average of $18,637 on shelter, up 3.4% from 2016. In 2017, two out of every three Canadian households owned their home, and more than half of homeowners had a mortgage.

More information about Canadian households spending you can find on the graphic below.