The Canada-Ukraine Trade and Investment Support (CUTIS) Project is a 5-year (2016-2021) Canadian development assistance initiative designed to lower poverty in Ukraine through increasing exports from Ukraine to Canada and investment from Canada to Ukraine.

Information to successfully export to Canada and attract investments from Canada

CUTIS project in partnership with Ministry of economic development and Export Promotion Office will provide Ukrainian businesses with the information needed to export their goods to Canada and attract Canadian investments.

Education for the exporters to Canada

An active educational campaign on specifics of exports to Canada and benefits of the Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement is planned. In cooperation with Ministry of economic development and Export Promotion Office CUTIS project will carry out practical trainings, seminars, webinars, and other events throughout Ukraine.

Services for the exporters to Canada

In coordination with Export Promotion Office the project will consult Ukrainian businesses concerning their export-readiness, search of business partners in Canada, Canadian standards, and regulatory demands.

Business opportunities for the exporters to Canada

CUTIS project will support the participation of Ukrainian businesses in trade fairs, exhibitions and B2B-events aimed at expanding business connections with Canada, increasing exports and attracting investment.

Cross-cutting topics
Gender Strategy

CUTIS gender strategy aims to include women in the expanded trade between Ukraine and Canada initiated by the CUFTA. To address the prevalence of traditional gender stereotypes in Ukraine, the project will design a set of innovative multi-media products – such as video interviews with women entrepreneurs – to encourage Ukrainian women to enter a career in international trade.”

Environmental Strategy

Project’s interventions to increase trade and investment should not exacerbate the deterioration of Ukraine’s environment. The CUTIS project is committed to minimizing the potential adverse environmental risks of the anticipated growth in economic activities resulted from increasing trade between Ukraine and Canada (e.g. increased use of natural resources, increased greenhouse gas (GHG) production, and elevated environmental pollution).